• Thomas Andres Double Basses & Wolf Instruments : With this extensive training and experience in musical instrument making and conservation, Tom has expanded his bass activities to better serve orchestra, jazz, bluegrass, and period performance bassists.
  • "The President's Own" United States Marine Band : “The President’s Own” encompasses the United States Marine Band, Marine Chamber Orchestra, and Marine Chamber Ensembles, and performs regularly at the White House and for more than 500 public performances across the nation each year. Free concerts in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
  • Bradetich Foundation : The Bradetich Foundation strives to advance and cultivate a prominent international presence for double bassists, and to command high performance standards and opportunities through solo competitions, educational outreach and cross-cultural connections.
  • International Society of Bassists : The ISB was founded by the world-renowned virtuoso Gary Karr in 1967. With some 3,000 members in over 40 countries, the ISB is an organization for those who teach, study, play, repair, build and enjoy the double bass.
  • Lemur Music : The World's Most Complete Source of Instruments & Supplies for Upright Bass
  • Maryland Symphony Orchestra : I am a section bass player for the Maryland Symphony and we perform in Hagerstown and in other places around Western Maryland.
  • My Listing on : check out my listing for double bass lessons on!
  • Peabody Bass Works : Peabody Bass Works is an extraordinary program providing bass students with unique learning, community and performance opportunities on the grounds of Baltimore’s historic Peabody Institute.
  • Peabody Conservatory of Music
  • The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts : Since opening in 1971, the Kennedy Center has continued its efforts to fulfill his vision—presenting the greatest performers and performances from across America and around the world, nurturing new works and young artists, and serving the nation as a leader in arts education. Home of the National Symphony Orchestra.